Quote Holiday

Every hotelier receives daily many quote requests break from your potential customers, it means losing so much time only to respond appropriately:modulo di richiesta

  • you get a request from the potential customer
  • analyze the request, periods, adults, children etc
  • Depending on your price list, discounts and promotions total holiday cost calculations
  • then provide an answer as comprehensive as possible or sometimes for a just 2 rows
  • means to occupy one or more people just to answer the requests, during the period of greatest affluence. Resources that might do more.

An external calculation, on the one hand it simplifies the work, but does not allow to customize the quote, making did more damage than actual results; as they are more customers coming out without reserving those who then ask for availability.

Our proposal Quote Holiday only serves to enhance the proprietor the same repetitive work leaving the full autonomy to manage the customer as well as it does today.

With our secure the potential customer, continues to send a normal email using your site or portal, albeit with a custom contact form for your property.

The request will go to feed, automatically, a web-based database (like a site to understand) where after a prior configuration, the system will calculate instantly the cost of holiday required by the prospective client with the possibility for the hotelier to change total and highlight notes for the customer; then send a canned response: all in 2 clicks.

The configuration allows you to highlight the details of structure, logo photo description of the most important services of the facility and the surrounding area, camera/promotion and information related, deposit to pay (as a percentage of the total with a CAP), IBAN or postal: all information that will be included in the e-mail with the potential customer.

Both backend that emails are translated into 4 languages (Italian, English, French, German) for translation professionals.

Whenever you come, you'll see the latest quotes are required with the origin (where the potential client made the request); If you or whoever you have already answered or not; If you answered you can see the response that is sent, but that even after some time.

elenco richieste

EXCELLENT as archive data and statistics even advertising investment performance, When from the list you can see also the origin (where the client has started the request) and finally draws personal data always available, unlimited web space, in order to regain your customers use conditions later in life.

New 2016:

  • The treatments are customizable;
  • Creating a list only room type that automatically calculates the correct cost all room types example: DUS, double, triple, 4 bed 3-QUADRULA with presence of both 1-2-3 to adult that children; This is to facilitate those rooms more similar without having to create one of each.
  • Budget printing in a4 format with a summary of the reservation
  • Possibility of reservation "accepted" or "rejected": very useful for statistics.
  • Ability to duplicate a reservation although already had been "accepted" or "rejected": is reopened in a new reservation (varied progressive)
  • Delete requests from data base
  • REMARKETING SYSTEM: Enter your budget every 7 days the potential customer, until it is "accepted" or "rejected" or the check-in date is equal to today (automatically puts it as rejected)
  • Export all customer data including price and outcome information for statistical purposes and advertising.

Our programmers are able to make customizations for your individual requirements: contact us for a no obligation quote or just for a consultation to see if such software is suitable or adaptable to your requirements.

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